Cost of Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Singapore – Full Price Breakdown, Medisave Options (2022)

Cost of Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Singapore – Full Price Breakdown, Medisave Options (2022)

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure in Singapore – nearly 70% of Singaporeans aged 20 to 40 will require surgery for wisdom tooth. However, the cost of extraction can vary depending on the clinic you visit, the type of anaesthesia used, and the severity of your condition.

This article breaks down the cost of wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore and provides information on Medisave and other subsidy options. We hope this will help you make an informed decision about your health care needs.

What Affects The Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

In general, wisdom tooth extraction is a relatively straightforward procedure that does not require a lengthy recovery time. As a result, the cost is usually lower compared to other dental procedures such as braces or implants. 

Anyone who has had their wisdom teeth removed can attest that the cost of the procedure can vary widely, depending on factors like the number of teeth extracted, the type of anaesthesia used, and the experience of the oral surgeon. 

Another important variable that will determine your wisdom tooth extraction cost is the type of extraction you need: 

  • Simple extraction: Your molar has erupted completely, so the operation is easier (and more affordable).
  • Surgical extraction: Your molar has not erupted completely (impacted wisdom tooth), so a more complex procedure is needed. Surgery for impacted wisdom teeth requires more expertise, which is also more expensive.

Your age matters, too; dental procedures are usually easier for children and teenagers. As most people get their wisdom teeth between 18 and 25 years old, most oral surgeons do not recommend delaying wisdom teeth removal, lest complications like gum disease fester. 

How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost?

The wisdom tooth extraction cost in Singapore is:

  • $25 to $300 for non-surgical procedures
  • $500 to $1500 for surgical wisdom tooth extractions

Of course, these prices depend on the variables outlined above.

Additional charges include:

  • Consultation
  • X-ray
  • Post-extraction treatments (e.g., anti-inflammatories or antibiotics)

These can add about $200 extra to the wisdom tooth extraction cost.

Can I Pay For Wisdom Tooth Removal With Medisave?

Yes, you can use your MediSave to pay for wisdom tooth removal, but only if your extraction requires surgery (in most cases, an impacted wisdom tooth). 

Fractured retained roots or dental implants also qualify you for this surgical removal.

How much can you get?

  • MediSave wisdom tooth extraction can cover up to $1,250 of your procedure’s cost, depending if you require tooth division. 
  • You cannot use MediSave for other fees, such as consultation, X-rays, or post-operatory medicine.
ProcedureMediSave Limit
Extraction without tooth divisionUp to $350
Extraction with tooth divisionUp to $950
Your wisdom tooth is very deep and require tooth divisionUp to $1,250

Of course, you need to have:

  • A MediSave account
  • Enough money in that account

Pro tip: If you do not have a MediSave account, consider: 

  • Paying with an interest-free credit card installment plan. 
  • Use an immediate family member’s (e.g., child, spouse, parent, or grandparent) MediSave account. Remember that these family members must be Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents. 

How Do I Make A Medisave Claim For Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Making a MediSave wisdom tooth extraction claim is extremely easy:

All you have to do is inform the clinic, and they will write that claim on your behalf.

Your job is to bring the necessary paperwork, including:

  • Your NRIC
  • Photocopy of your MediSave Account (front and back) and plan details
  • Marriage certificate for people using their spouse’s accounts
  • Filled in and signed Medisave Authorization Form for Day Surgery. If you are using a family member’s MediSave account, they will also have to sign this form.

Take note that you have to pay the consultation fee upfront. 

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The clinic or the hospital will forward these invoices to MediSave only after you have made the full payment.

  • MediSave will take two to three weeks to process your application.
  • They will send you the money by cheque.

Remember: To obtain this subsidy at a government hospital, you must visit a polyclinic first. 

If you are planning to get your wisdom tooth removed at a government hospital and pay via MediSave, you must get a referral letter from a polyclinic. Otherwise, private walk-in rates apply.

Can I Pay For Wisdom Tooth Extraction With A CHAS Card?

Yes, you can use your CHAS card to pay for wisdom tooth extraction, but only for non-surgical procedures.

The good news is you can use your CHAS card for other fees that MediSave does not cover, such as :

  • Consultations: Up to two per year
  • X-rays: Up to six per calendar year

You are entitled to four extractions per year, which means you can take care of all your wisdom teeth without waiting.

The subsidies differ depending on these CHAS cards:

CHAS Blue (Household monthly income below $1,200/person)

  • Up to $20.50: Consultation
  • Up to $68.50: Extraction
  • Up to $11: X-ray

Merdeka Generation (Singapore citizens born from 1 Jan 1950 to 31 Dec 1959)

  • Up to $25.50: Consultation
  • Up to $73.50: Extraction
  • Up to $16: X-ray

Pioneer (Singapore citizens born on or before 31 Dec 1949)

  • Up to $30.50: Consultation
  • Up to $78.50: Extraction
  • Up to $21: X-ray

Can Polyclinic Remove Wisdom Tooth? 

Yes, you can have your wisdom tooth removed at one of Singapore’s polyclinics. The main advantage here is that a simple, non-surgical extraction costs between $25 and $40.

Remember: Other fees, such as consultations, X-rays, and potential post-intervention treatment may apply.

Public polyclinics are easy to reach because they are conveniently placed all through Singapore, but they have some significant drawbacks:

  • The waiting time ranges from weeks to months. You may have to fork out a small deposit of $8 at some polyclinics.
  • You cannot have a difficult extraction or surgery for a wisdom tooth at a polyclinic. If this is the case, they will refer you to a hospital.

If you choose the public hospital route, the waiting time may be up to four months.

Weighing Your Options

The wisdom tooth extraction cost in Singapore is not cheap, but it is manageable if you know how to take advantage of the subsidies available.

While polyclinics and hospitals are more affordable in Singapore, the long waiting period can aggravate your condition.

Can’t afford to wait, and need additional help? 

Consider taking a personal loan. Here at Money Kinetics, we can help you look for a personal loan with flexible repayment terms, so you don’t have to delay getting your wisdom tooth removed.