Study Reveals Singapore’s Top Employers

Study Reveals Singapore's Top Employers

For many Singaporeans, it should come as no surprise that this little island is a great place to work. Singapore recently topped the global rankings as the best place for expats to work on the planet, whilst also performing similarly well in rankings for job opportunities, salaries, work-life balance, and entrepreneurialism. If you’re a truly discerning professional, you can see which companies offer the best-of-the-best, thanks to The Straits Times official ranking of the top employers in the country. Let’s take a closer look at the list of Singapore’s best places to work, before diving into what it all really means.

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The Japanese fashion retailer UNIQLO employs around 250 people in Singapore, mostly at their sleek offices over at maritime square.

2. Adidas Singapore

The German sportswear giant, Adidas, has employed dozens of people in Singapore since 1994, with most employees working out of their offices in the heart of the bustling Robinson Road.

3. Google

US tech giant Google came to Singapore a few years back, establishing the country as their Asia-Pacific base. Today, the company employs over 1000 people at their vast offices in Mapletree Business City II, with the office winning worldwide fame as one of the coolest places to work on the planet.

4. Amazon

E-commerce titan Amazon employs hundreds of people at its offices, warehouses, and customer service centers in Singapore, offering some of the highest salaries in the city and plenty of career growth, as the company moves to turn SG into a hub for its cloud computing operations.

5. BP

British oil conglomerate BP has had a presence in Singapore for decades, making them one of the oldest employers on this list. From their massive offices at Marina One, over 700 employees coordinate BP’s trading activities for the Asia-Pacific region.


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Good News for Companies? 

The companies featured on this list likely welcomed their inclusion with open arms. Although rarely discussed by financial pundits, rankings such as these can do wonders for the share prices of some of the largest traded companies. Being listed as one of the best employers demonstrates that a company is established, trustworthy, and clearly successful.

All of this has a positive impact on the future outlook of these companies, something that is often speculated on by CFD traders. For those who don’t know, CFD trading is essentially trading ‘shares’ of a company based on how you think they will perform in the future, as the CFD trading experts over at IG explain.

When publicly traded companies feature on high-profile lists of the best employers in town, their future prospects rise like a balloon, meaning that CFD traders who previously had high hopes for that company will see their CFD values rise. While UNIQLO, Adidas, Google, Amazon, and BP are all multinational giants with offices in dozens of countries, even strictly localized rankings, such as the one compiled by Singapore’s very own Straights Times, can have an outsized impact on their future prospects and value.

It also helps that Singapore is, for most of the multinationals on the best employer list, the focal point of those companies’ Asia-Pacific operations, meaning that the success of their Singaporean operations affects their outlook for the entire region. Perhaps more importantly, rankings such as this help attract the attention of talented workers both in Singapore and beyond.

The success of many of the largest companies in the world depends heavily on their ability to attract top professional talent from every corner of the globe. If a highly skilled and valuable employee is weighing up job offers from different multinational companies, they may be swayed once they do a quick Google search and find out that one of their potential choices is listed as the best place to work in the entire country.

Attracting talent means attracting innovation, hard work, and a greater chance of boosting profits, which is something that high-profile rankings such as this are vital for. Singapore prides itself on being one of the most competitive economies in the world, and the companies that can establish themselves as the best of the best will enjoy the first pick of the best workers that the country has to offer.

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