7 Netflix Shows That Teach You How To Finance In Life


Netflix and chill?

For some people, a good Netflix show means one they can fall asleep to after a long day of work. Conversely, others seek learning opportunities even in entertainment.

If you’re here, you’re probably in the second category.


Netflix is addictive. We know.

So why don’t we take the chance to upgrade our knowledge while watching our favourite Netflix shows?

You also know that learning about finance is tough on your own. You might end up in debt! A beginner has to learn a slew of new terms, and, even worse, experts use those terms interchangeably.

Luckily, some Netflix shows make a detailed portrait of the financial industry. Watch these dramas unfold before your eyes and learn the intricacies of investing, start-ups, and hedge funds in the process. It also helps you be aware of the loan shark scams increasing in Singapore.

Here are the best recommendations:


1. Billions

Let’s talk money.

Billions is a famous Netflix show with excellent actors and a plot that will leave you breathless 99% of the time. A pinch of sarcasm completes the recipe.

The show tells the story of hedge-fund magnate Bobby Axelrod tackling challenges and winning different financial battles on his way to (more and more) success. His nemesis, US district attorney Chuck Rhoades, tries to prove Axelrod is dabbling in insider trading plus other grey areas.

We don’t want to give any more spoilers – you got the gist.

We recommend Billions because it showcases a fighter’s mentality. Even if your wealth doesn’t get the size of Bobby Axelrod’s – ever – you need to conduct your business with a leader’s mindset. Find good friends, learn how to outsource, and manipulate your investments to your advantage.

Most importantly, though, never let fear govern your financial decisions.


2. Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a mind-boggling documentary on corporate malpractice, revealing the corruption, fraud, and schemes in the world of huge brands.

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For example, in season one, you find out how the famous brand VW participated in fraud of massive proportions. Another episode this season tells the story of HSBC’s ties with drug cartels in Mexico.

Dirty Money’s stories aren’t interconnected. Thus, if you miss one episode or don’t understand it thoroughly, you can still watch the others. Alternatively, you can skip those boring episodes you don’t want to watch.


3. The Laundromat

The title sounds like the laundry shop next door. Except, it cleans money instead of your clothes.

Netflix’s The Laundromat brings you stars the size of Meryl Streep, Antonio Banderas, and Gary Oldman in an epic movie on bribery and corruption. And, of course, plenty of money laundering.

The plot reveals Ellen, a widow desperate to get the insurance settlement after her husband dies in a boating accident. However, the fake insurance policy sends Ellen on the adventure of her lifetime amid crooks, iffy Panama firms, and shell companies.

Ellen learns how major companies do tax evasion and dabble in bribery to support a very corrupt financial system.

That’s not to say you should do these things in your own business; however, you should be aware they happen and steer clear of them.


4. Start-Up

If you’re looking for an ambitious business Korean film that’s not completely about romance, this one is for you.

Bae Suzy is Seo Dal-mi in the beautifully-acted series Start-up. Seo Dal-mi personifies the dreams of millions of young people who dream of starting their own companies.

In the Netflix series, Sandbox is a futuristic start-up incubator in Seoul where the main character wants to develop her business. You will see young entrepreneurs tying friendships and stabbing themselves in the back as they’re competing in a cutthroat environment.

So, if you want to avoid your start-up from failing, watch this show to discover a few industry secrets.


5. Money, Explained

Money, Explained breaks down a slew of finance-related topics, thus teaching you the basics of financing. For example, you can learn why so many intelligent people become victims of financial scammers or get so much credit debt. Other exciting topics in the series relate to gambling and the student loan crisis.

Money, Explained isn’t a boring documentary.

The series is thrilling and fast, with plenty of interviews and animations to keep you interested. After watching this Netflix show, you will understand how to manage your finances and avoid potential traps. 


6. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates: Limited Series

Bill Gates is an interesting character, with a unique story that Netflix reveals from his early childhood to maturity. You will learn more about Microsoft and the ideas behind it, plus the charity that Gates operates with Melinda.

Besides, Netflix shows you how the mind of a magnate works. Just like we said before, it’s essential to form specific habits and a leadership-oriented mindset if you want to increase your wealth.


7. Freakonomics

Freakonomics is another Netflix documentary based on a book with the same name. Starting from the question of whether or not you should buy a house, the documentary shows you how to make research-based decisions.

That’s the crucial part:

This show teaches you that not all financial advice is good – even if your advisors are trustworthy.

Although the statistics in Freakonomics have ignited some debates, you should focus on the big picture to learn more about finances.