Full Cost of Getting a Driver’s License in Singapore: Private vs School, Where To Learn, Process

Full Cost of Getting a Driver’s License in Singapore Private vs School, Where To Learn, Process

Getting your driving license may not seem like much when you are young, and riding the MRT is all you need. But as your life becomes more hectic and filled with responsibilities, you understand how much that license can help.

But how much does it cost to learn driving in Singapore? 

This guide discusses all the associated costs from A to Z, offering you the best tips on saving money and getting your license fast.

Keep reading below.

Where Can I Learn Driving In Singapore?

First, you must determine where you will learn how to drive. And there are two main possibilities:

  • A driving school
  • A private driving instructor

Each option has pros and cons that we will review below:


Driving schools in Singapore are more expensive because the lessons cost more and are more numerous. However, getting a private driving instructor would require you to learn faster—which is tough for people with poorer spatial orientation or coordination.


Driving schools in Singapore vet their teachers. If you go down the private instructor road, you will have to do your own research.

However, a driving school may assign you different instructors through the course of your studies, and that can be confusing. If you choose your own teacher, you will benefit from more consistency.


There are three driving schools in Singapore:

  • Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)
  • Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC)
  • ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC)

As they are usually filled with students year round, booking lessons might be harder. That’s a drawback if you have a tight schedule or need more consistent practice.

Comparatively, private tutors can plan around your schedule and meet you at different locations to accommodate your day.

Private instructors will also adapt their teaching to your learning speed, whereas schools must follow a rigid syllabus. 

On the other hand, driving schools offer more circuit practices because they have priority over private driving instructors.


Driving schools in Singapore have a higher passing rate, which is attributed to the higher number of lessons. However, it’s also easier to book theory and practical tests if you choose a school because these institutions have priority.

How Much Does It Cost To Learn Driving In Singapore 2022?

If you want to get your driving license in Singapore, it will cost you between $1,365 and $2,800. Here is a breakdown of the costs you can expect along the way:

Enrolment Fee

BBDC has the lowest enrolment fee out of all three driving schools in Singapore. However, a private instructor is cheaper:

Enrolment FeeCourse Extension Fee
BBDC$96.30$8.03 per month
SSDC$174.09$58.85 (6-month extension)
CDC$176.55$64.20 (6-month extension)
Private Driving Instructor$80 - $90-

Warning: Try to get your driving license within six months, or you will have to pay the enrolment charge again.

Other Charges

The extra fees that affect your Singapore driving license cost are the same regardless of the school or instructor you choose:

  • Eyesight test: $1.82
  • Digital photograph: $6.42
  • Induction programme: $34.24 (off-peak hours) and $38.52 (peak hours) at CDC

Theory Test Prices: Basic Theory Test (BTT), Final Theory Test (FTT)

Your driving license in Singapore is conditioned by two theory tests:

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  • Basic Theory Test (BTT): $6.50
  • Final Theory Test (FTT): $6.50

Warning: Depending on the school you choose, you may have to pay for theory lessons and internal evaluations too:


  • Four theory lessons: $68.48
  • BTT and FTT trial tests: $17.12


  • The theory lessons are included in the enrolment fee
  • BTT and FTT trial tests: $10.70

CDC and private driving instructors:

  • No required theory lessons and internal evaluations

Pre-Practical Lesson Costs

Once you have mastered the theory, it is time to move on to the practical aspect. Well, to the pre-practical part, anyway, if you want to get your driving license in Singapore.

How much does it cost to learn driving in Singapore before you get on the road?

    • Provisional driving license (PDL): $25 at all three schools and private instructors
  • Driving simulator: 
    • BBDC: $13.91/session
    • CDC: $79.62/ three lessons
    • SSDC: $71.82/ three lessons

Some schools offer specific pre-practical lesson training:


  • Vehicular pre-operative check: $23.54 (off-peak hours); $27.82 (peak hours)
  • Learner driver competency screening: $55.64 (off-peak hours); $59.92 (peak hours)


    • Training vehicle conversion fee: $42.80
  • Warm-up practical lesson: $38.52

Practical Lessons

The driving lessons Singapore cost varies depending on who teaches you to drive. And these lessons cover most of your driving license’s cost in Singapore.

Here’s what to consider:

  • School candidates will need at least 20-25 hours.
  • If you are learning with a private instructor, you will need 15-20 hours at a minimum.
  • Peak practical lessons are more expensive than off-peak ones at schools. Driving instructors generally practice flat fees.

The average cost will be:

  • $1,455.20-$1,900: For schools
  • $860-$1,190: For driving instructors

Here is a quick breakdown of these costs:

Driving School/PrivateOff-peakPeak
(100 mins/session)
(100 mins/session)
(100 mins/session)
(100 mins/session)
SSDCFrom $38 per hour (manual transmission)From $45 per hour (automatic transmission)
Private driving instructor$290 (five driving school circuit sessions)

Driving Test Administration Fees

Before getting your driving license in Singapore, you will need to take the practical test. And you cannot take this test unless you fork out the admin fees:

  • The practical driving test fee: $33
  • Driving license registration: $50

Driving Test Cost

The cost of your driving test includes two other fees:

  • Car rental:
    • BBDC: $214
    • CDC: $289.97
    • SSDC: $192.60
    • Private instructor: $300
  • Warm-up session:
    • BBDC: $38.52
    • CDC: $0
    • SSDC: $38.52

How Long Does It Take To Learn Driving In Singapore?

You will need at least 15-20 lessons with a private instructor and 20-25 lessons with a driving school to learn driving.

Taking two lessons per week means seven to 13 weeks to learn how to drive.

Add the theory lessons, and you get closer to 15 weeks.

But realistically, some people might need more practice than that – reaching up to 40 or even 50 lessons. Traffic is crowded in Singapore, and you will need to master it.

Pro tip: As a rule of thumb, the number of hours it takes to learn to drive is double your age. So, a 30-year-old may require 60 hours; considering that a driving lesson is 100 minutes, you will need 36 lessons to pass the practical driving test.

Even so, most people get their driving licenses within a year.

Which Option Is Cheaper?

To sum, the total cost to learn driving in Singapore is: 

  • $1,365: Private driving instructors
  • $2,427: BBDC
  • $2,437: CDC
  • $2,639: SSDC

The cheaper option to get your driving license in Singapore is hiring a private instructor and learning the theory at home using an app. This option may also save you some money if you cannot travel to and from the school for your lessons.

However, schools offer consistent and more structured curriculums. And although you will have to take more driving lessons before registering for the practical test, this increases your chances of passing.

Besides, driving schools have simulators and other aids to help you master driving.

You can lower the costs above even more if you:

  • Schedule your lessons on weekdays during off-peak hours.
  • Learn the theory at home instead of enrolling in theory lessons.
  • Pass your driving test within six months to avoid renewing your enrolment fee.
  • Do not use the simulators and other learning aids. Instead, watch free YouTube driving videos or download some VR driving games to train your brain.

Remember: Although money is essential, passing the test and ensuring your safety is even more important.

For example, you can register for the practical driving test after just 15-20 hours with a driving instructor, but do you really know how to control the vehicle?

Or can you do so safely with your children in the car?

Remember that there is just a $1,500 difference between the cheapest and the most expensive option. And if you are unsure about your abilities just yet, it is better to take five more lessons at $350 than to pay for another driving test if you fail this one.

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