How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Eye Bags Removed? (2022 Surgeon’s Fee, Surgical vs Non-Surgical Techniques)

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Eye Bags Removed (2022 Surgeon’s Fee, Surgical vs Non-Surgical Techniques)

Eye bags can look and feel unattractive. They can also cause significant physical discomfort and even low self esteem.

Unfortunately, after the beautiful age of 30, hot and cold compresses will not solve the problem of panda eyes anymore.

Luckily, you can have your eye bags removed. This article discusses surgical and non-surgical eye bag removal options, taking you through their pros, cons and best uses. 

We will also address the most poignant issue: how much does eye bag removal surgery cost?

Keep reading below to educate yourself and pick the best option for your health.

Can I Surgically Remove My Eyebags? 

Yes, you can surgically remove your eyebags. Whether your problem is caused by the accumulation of fatty tissue or age-related wrinkles, surgery is a worthwhile option because:

  • It is a quick fix.
  • The procedure is seamless, usually lasting between 20 minutes and one hour.
  • The recovery period is short, between one and three weeks.
  • You can resume all your usual activities after one week.
  • You will have no scar left after a few weeks.

Eye bag removal surgery is not a perfect solution, though:

  • Although the procedure can permanently remove your fatty under-eye tissue, it does not stop the appearance of other age-related wrinkles.
  • The eye bag removal cost in Singapore can be high.
  • You must stop alcohol, smoking, painkillers or vitamin E for the week preceding your surgery.
  • You may experience redness and soreness for a few days after the procedure.

Types Of Eye Bag Removal Surgeries

Removing your under-eye bags surgically requires different techniques depending on the specifics of your issue. This section discusses two methods on how to get rid of eye bags, analysing their pros, cons, and best uses.

Pro tip: Each surgery has a different cost. However, you should pick the right method following your doctor’s advice.

Incisional Eye Bag Removal

The incisional eye bag removal method is called lower blepharoplasty because it removes excess eye fat from the bottom eyelid. 

Best for:

  • Wrinkles
  • Mild to moderate eye bags
  • Sagging lower lids


  • Removes under-eye fatty tissue 
  • Tightens your lower eyelid
  • Works for more severe cases


  • Your eye shape may feel different
  • A longer recovery period, up to 14 days
  • Your skin can form cysts around the surgical stitches

Transconjunctival Eye Bag Removal

The transconjunctival procedure is also performed in the lower eyelid but does not need any visible excisions. So compared to lower blepharoplasty, this technique does not change the look of your eyes.

Best for:

  • Younger people with more collagen in their skin
  • Mild to moderate swelling
  • Cases of eyebags caught early


  • A shorter recovery period, up to 10 days
  • No scars
  • No eye shape changes
  • Less redness and swelling after the procedure


  • Not best for people with more extra skin

Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal 

There are several non-surgical eye bag removal options to consider, especially if your condition is mild:

  • Dermal fillers: These fillers use hyaluronic acid and are positioned beneath your eyes to increase hydration and tighten your lower lid. The effects of dermal fillers wane after nine months to a year.
  • Cold compresses: After a sleepless night, use cold compresses to reduce inflammation. 
  • Mind your eating and lifestyle habits:  Avoid eating a salt-rich diet and drink eight glasses of water per day. Incorporate more vitamin-C-rich items into your diet, such as strawberries, peppers, kale or broccoli because vitamin C accelerates your body’s collagen production. Exercise regularly and strive to sleep seven to nine hours each night. Reduce smoking and alcohol.

But if you still want a medical professional to get rid of your eye bags, you can consider this non-surgical procedure:

Scarless Laser Eye Bag Removal

This technique uses a laser to melt your under-eye fat tissues, which takes just 30 minutes. It is an alternative worth considering if your eye bags are mild and your skin still elastic enough.

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  • The shortest recovery period, between five and seven days
  • No scars
  • Permanent fat removal
  • Increased accuracy
  • Fast 


  • Redness and swelling after the procedure

How Much Does It Cost To Remove My Eyebags?

The eye bag removal cost in Singapore varies between $900 and $7,000. The price ultimately depends on the type of procedure you choose (with the help of your doctor, of course). 

Below, we will review the variables influencing this cost so that you can calculate a more precise ballpark depending on your singular case:


All the above techniques require sedation, but tougher cases and longer procedures require more sedation. However, mild cases and short operations are less expensive because your doctor will use less sedation.

Doctor’s Fee

Doctors have different fees depending on their expertise and know-how. If your case is more challenging, you will likely need a more experienced practitioner. 

And that means spending more money – which you should definitely do because compromising your health is never a good idea.

But if your case is milder, your doctor’s fee will be lower.

Post-Procedure Treatment

Some cases and procedures are followed by increased redness and swelling. More challenging operations also need more follow-up visits so your doctor can ensure you are safe.

Unfortunately, all those medications and reviews can make a dent in your budget. Again, you should take on that dent to ensure a smooth recovery.

Type Of Procedure

The technique you choose to get rid of your eye bags dramatically influences the overall costs. First, let’s see:

How much does eye bag removal surgery cost?

  • Incisional eye bag removal surgery: $5,500-$8,500
  • Transconjunctival eye bag removal: $5,000-$7,000

Non-surgical eye bag removal costs:

  • Scarless eye bag removal: $2,050-$4,500
  • Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers: $700-$1,000 per syringe 

Is Eye Bag Removal Painful?

Eye bag removal is not painful because your doctor will use light sedation. As such, you will not feel the procedure performed on your eyelids.

However, you may feel some discomfort and pain after the procedure depending on the technique and the severity of your case.


  • Incisional eye bag removal surgery may demand more painkillers and topical creams to reduce swelling.
  • Transconjunctival eye bag removal has the least painful recovery.
  • Scarless eye bag removal may cause swelling and itchiness, which can be solved with topical creams.

Also, more severe cases can have a more uncomfortable recovery. Your medical professional will recommend the best-suited treatments to alleviate this discomfort, though.

Can Eye Bags Come Back After Surgery?

Eye bags can come back after surgery, so you should choose the right procedure and heed your doctor’s recommendations.

  • Surgical options are the most resistant: Incisional eye bag removal surgery, albeit the most expensive, is best suited for all eye bag cases because it permanently removes under-eye fat tissue. Your eye bags will disappear forever unless new fat tissue is collected in your lower eyelids again.
  • Non-surgical options like scarless eye bag removal are best for mild cases: The doctor will use a laser to melt the fat tissue in your lower lids. So, if your body does not store new fat cells in that area, your procedure’s results will be durable. By contrast, hyaluronic acid fillers last up to a year; other non-surgical topical procedures (such as compresses) are effective only for mild cases of swelling and not excess fat accumulation. 

Warning: Even if your procedure eliminates excess fatty tissue, smoothing your skin, your eye bags can return in the form of wrinkles as you age. If you inject hyaluronic acid to remove those age-related eye pouches, your collagen production will be slowed. As a result, your eye bags can become more prominent in the long run, requiring additional dermal fillers.

What Is A Good Age For Lower Blepharoplasty?

There is no age limit for blepharoplasty, but the longer you wait you will have to deal with increased age-related risks:

  • Higher surgical risks are associated with increased patient age.
  • The results can be less impressive since collagen loss increases as you age.

Of course, your doctor will consider your age and the severity of your case to recommend the best treatment:

  • Advanced cases and older individuals may be recommended to undergo incisional eye bag removal surgery (aka blepharoplasty). 
  • Younger individuals with better collagen reserves may be pointed towards transconjunctival and scarless eye bag removal.

Pro tip: Hyaluronic acid fillers may also be a good solution for older people, as long as your eye bags are caused by wrinkles and not excess fat.

Choosing The Right Eye Bag Removal Procedure

As you can see, there are many options to consider for removing your eye bags. These medical techniques should be chosen after a medical consult and informed evaluation to maximise the results of your procedure.

Pro tip: Your doctor may present a procedure with less durable or visible effects if you inform them of a limited budget.

However, as we advised above, it is best not to compromise your health and pick the right eye bag removal technique according to your needs.

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