Cost Of Owning A Hamster In Singapore (2022 Update)

Cost Of Owning A Hamster In Singapore (2022 Update)

Hamster ownership is rising in Singapore because these fluffy animals are excellent pets. But how much does a hamster cost in Singapore?

We crunched the numbers and found that, on average, hamster owners in Singapore spend about $500 a year on their furry friends. This includes food, bedding, toys and other supplies.

That said, the hamster adoption in Singapore entails other variables apart from just fleshing out the money.

Find out more about the factors to consider before adopting a hamster, the adoption/purchase price and all other costs.

What Are Some Factors To Consider Before Adopting Or Purchasing A Hamster?

If you want to purchase or adopt a hamster in Singapore, consider the following factors:

Having The Space

When it comes to hamster cages, size really does matter. A cramped enclosure can negatively impact your pet’s physical and mental health, causing obesity, stress, and even aggression.

Warning: Do not be fooled by those “adorable” tiny cages marketed for small animals; they are not big enough for a hamster to thrive in.

A general rule of thumb is to aim for at least:

  •   50 x 80 cm for a Syrian hamster
  •   40 x 70 cm for a dwarf hamster

So, check if your home has enough space to place this cage.

Making The Time

Before heading to the pet store, ensure you can dedicate enough time to your furry friend.

Hamsters need regular exercise for their muscles and bones to stay strong. Without enough playtime, they can become lethargic and bored.

Remember: Do not neglect your little buddy because you are too busy with work or school.

And while hamsters are small, they still require daily upkeep, such as cleaning their cages and feeding them fresh food and water.

Checking With Your Roommates

Before bringing a hamster into your shared living space, check with your roommates and ensure they are on board. Hamsters require daily care and maintenance, not to mention that they can become noisy at times or cause allergies for some individuals.

Pro tip: Ensure your children understand that hamsters can get scared easily, so they must be very gentle with your new pet. Unlike dogs, you cannot roughhouse hamsters.

Considering Your Other Pets

Before you purchase or adopt a hamster, consider not just their needs but also the needs of your other pets. After all, Fluffy the cat might see your new hamster as a tasty snack, and Rover, the dog, might view them as a fun toy to chase.

It is not just predator vs prey dynamics you have to think about – even seemingly harmless animals like birds and fish can pose a threat, as small pets can easily become vitamin-rich meals for them.

Remember: Research what species are compatible before buying that cute little hamster, and make sure all of your furry (or scaled or feathered) friends can coexist peacefully in your household.

What Are The Costs To Consider When Adopting Or Purchasing A Hamster?

Buying a hamster in Singapore is inexpensive, with prices ranging between $20 and $40 for smaller hamsters. A  Syrian hamster in Singapore or other large varieties may reach up to $80.

Pro tip: You can find more exotic breeds at hamster speciality shops in Singapore, but these are more expensive. To lower your initial costs, consider adopting instead of purchasing your hamster.

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Are There Any Additional Costs To Consider?

The hamster price in Singapore is not your only expense; you will also need the following:


Depending on the materials you choose, you can notice that a bin cage from IKEA can be as cheap as $15. By contrast, an acrylic tank costs upwards of $125.

Remember: Material is not as important as having enough space and ensuring that your hamster is safe.

You will need a larger and more expensive enclosure if purchasing multiple hamsters or if your furry friends share your home with other pets.


As any rodent enthusiast knows, hamsters love to run. Unfortunately, leaving them in a cage all day can leave them feeling cooped up, restless, and depressed.

The solution?

A trusty hamster wheel offers a vital outlet for their endless energy and instinct to move.

Plus, investing in a well-made wheel with a solid base can ensure that your furry friend stays safe as they get their daily exercise.

In Singapore, a hamster wheel costs between $20 and $80.

Hideout And Toys

These adorable critters have dynamic personalities and need plenty of room to run, climb, and hide. Purchasing a spacious hideout is crucial for providing them with mental stimulation and allowing them to act out their natural behaviours.

Let’s not forget about toys – without them, hamsters can easily become bored and potentially develop health issues from a lack of exercise.

So, before you bring home your new hammy pal, stock up on all the essentials.

You will need around $100-$150 to start with.

Price Of Owning A Hamster In Singapore

If you have read so far, you know how much money you need to purchase a hamster and the things it needs. But how much does a hamster cost in Singapore in the long run?


Your hamster will need sand to clean itself and also to pee. Remember to purchase odourless, non-dusty sand for your sand bath.

Prepare to fork out $15-$20 every two months.


You will need bedding for your hamster’s cage, but luckily, that is affordable. You can opt for paper, teabag or Aspen bedding, and you will spend approximately $15-$25 every two months.


Your hamster will need to eat regularly. To ensure proper nutrition, offer a mix of seeds, fresh vegetables, mealworms, and roots.

You will need to set aside around $200/year on your furry friend’s wining and dining.


You must take your hamster to the vet to keep them healthy and safe. You will need around $45-$60 per year for general check-ups and nail trimming. The initial consult, vaccination, and sterilisation might cost about $250.

Pro tip: Create a $1,000 fund for emergency costs, such as surgery or hospitalisation.

Total Price Of Owning A Hamster

So how much does a hamster cost in Singapore?

  •   Purchase price: $20-$80
  •   Initial medical costs: $250
  •   Cage: $15-$100
  •   Wheel: $20-$80
  •   Hideout And Toys: $100-$150
  •   Sand: $90-$120/year
  •   Bedding: $90-$150/year
  •   Food: $200/year
  •   Vets: $45-$60/year
  •   Emergency medical expenses: $0-$1,000

Add that up for a total of $830-$2,190.

Where To Adopt/Purchase A Hamster In Singapore?

Your local pet store is always a good first stop for hamster adoption or purchase, as they often have a wide selection and knowledgeable staff to assist you.

Pro tip: When choosing your new friend, look for active individuals with shiny coats and bright eyes.

Additionally, organisations like the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Hamster Society Singapore (HSS) are worthwhile options for finding hamsters needing new homes.

Bonus: The prices are low here, starting at just $10.

Just do your research before committing to adoption, as hamsters require care and attention like any other pet.

The reward? A lifetime of love from your furry little friend.

Looking For Additional Help To Fund The Cost Of Your Hamster

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