How Much Does It Cost To Hold A Funeral in Singapore 2024 – Price Comparison Among Different Religions, Burial vs Cremation, Miscellaneous Fees

How Much Does A Funeral Service Cost in Singapore

Having a death in the family is heart wrecking. This emotional distress can make it easy for you to disregard your budget and make bad financial decisions.

That is why you need to plan your finances, no matter how hard that may be.

We are here to help.

This article looks at the cost of funerals in Singapore among different religions and for burial and cremation. It also looks at miscellaneous fees that may be incurred.

By understanding the cost of a funeral, you can plan for it and make arrangements that fit your budget.

So how much does a funeral service cost in Singapore?

Keep reading to find out.

How Much Does A Typical Funeral Service Cost In Singapore?

If you want to assess how much a funeral costs in Singapore, you must consider the factors below:

The Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

The CCOD is a document attesting to the cause of death, but its price depends on the issuer and other additional services.

Place/procedureHospitalAt Home
Transport$0 or included in most funeral packages Singapore
Autopsy report$160.50
Private autopsy$5,863.60
Daily storage cost$165.85
Total$6,189.95- $6,439.95

Pro tip: If the death has occurred abroad, you will have to add another $5,000-$10,000 for transport fees consisting of:

  • Aeroplane fare
  • Travel insurance
  • Mortuary home fee
  • Embalming
  • Coffin
  • Required permits from the Port Health Office or the Airport Health Office


Some people would like an obituary in the newspaper to commemorate the deceased person. In this case, you must include the cost of the following:

  • Person writing it
  • The newspaper you are publishing it into

That said, the starting price for an obituary Singapore is $1,348.20.

Wake And Casket

Funerals in Singapore are preceded by wakes lasting up to seven days. Although the rule of thumb is holding a 3-day wake, different cultures proceed differently.

  • Chinese tradition claims that an even number of wake days deters the hope of reincarnation because it suggests the deceased’s cycle of life and death is complete.
  • Muslim traditions limit the wake to one day for health reasons.

The place where you hold this wake also tips the price scale:

  • The cheapest but least convenient option is at home or in the HDB void deck.
  • The funeral place is the most expensive alternative, but it gives you freedom and peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Of course, you cannot hold a wake without having first bought a casket:

  • Metal caskets: Most expensive, upwards of $10,000 for costly materials such as bronze, copper, or mahogany
  • Paper caskets: Medium price, starting at $1,000
  • Wooden coffin: $700 and up


You cannot have a wake and funeral without flowers. The bouquets below have different starting prices, but you must also consider their significance according to your culture and your loved one’s preferences.

  • Chinese culture: White or yellow chrysanthemums
  • Muslim funeral: Roses
  • Christian funeral flowers: Chrysanthemums, carnations, roses, and daisies

Here is the average price of a funeral bouquet depending on the type of flowers you are purchasing:

  • Carnations: $110
  • Chrysanthemum: $103
  • Lilies: $135
  • Roses: $84

The final price depends on how many decorations you would like. As a rule of thumb, consider at least three to five bouquets to start with.

Food Catering

Food catering is another important consideration, but this largely depends on the following:

  • Place
  • Type of commemoration meal (e.g., picnic, lunch, dinner, etc.)
  • Number of guests

If you do not want anything too fancy, food catering will cost from $15- $50 for each guest.

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Type Of Funeral

There are different types of funerals to consider:

    • Land burial: The services depend on your religious affiliation. A Muslim, Parsi, or Bahai land burial averages $350. By comparison, a Christian, Chinese, or Hindu burial’s price climbs to $1,000.
    • Sea burial: The services cost between $80 and $1,000. Add to this the price of the scattering tubes and the bio-degradable urns, reaching $200. Therefore, a sea burial reaches $280-$1,200. 
    • Cremation: Cremation costs start at $1,670-$7,830 and depend on the following factors:
      • Government cremation: $100
      • Private cremation: $300-$600
      • Urn: $70-$430
      • Government columbarium: $500-$900
      • Private columbarium: $1,100-$5,800
      • Plaque: Upwards of $1,000
  • Keepsake: Starting at $1,700 to turn your loved one into a gemstone or diamond

Note: Tree burial is not yet legal in Singapore.

Legal Fees

If you are trying to organise your funeral instead of a loved one’s, you must consider tying up your legal matters. 

You will have to:

  • Make a will: $300-$1,200
  • Appoint someone to make decisions for you if you lose intellectual ability: A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is the legal document you need for this, but there are two options to choose from:
    • The standard LPA: $50-$75
    • The special LPA: $200 (for special requirements and other personalised options)
  • Make a living will: $40. The Advance Medical Directive (AMD) ensures that your doctors do not prolong your life with medicine and specific procedures if you become unconscious or terminally ill. 

What Type Of Funeral Is Cheapest?

The cheapest type of funeral in Singapore is where you spend the least money on the associated costs.

For example, cremation and land burial are much cheaper than a mahogany casket and land burial. Some flowers are also more affordable than others.

But you cannot compromise on or choose some other items, such as transporting a loved one from abroad or eluding the required autopsy.

You also cannot choose your religious orientation.

That’s why you should consider this question: will you opt for a funeral home?

Religious orientationTwo DaysThree DaysFour DaysFive DaysSix DaysSeven Days
Roman CatholicS$4,545.39S$4,736.29S$5,262.49S$5,396.00S$5,551.00S$5,819.00

By comparison, funeral services Singapore are much cheaper if you opt for a DIY funeral.

How Much Does A Buddhist Funeral Cost In Singapore?

A Buddhist funeral package includes the following items:

  • Death certificate
  • Autopsy
  • Casket
  • Body collection, embalming, and body care
  • Ceremony preparation, including Buddhist-style background and mourning garments
  • Flowers
  • Obituary
  • Photos and videos
  • Buddhist chanting services
  • Praying items, such as Sutra and Lotus Blankets, joss sticks, candles, umbrellas, incense, and more
  • Procession services
  • Cremation and columbarium
  • Ancestral tablets and keepsakes
  • 49-day Ji-Ling services with prayers conducted every seven days 

Depending on your top-ups and the length of your wake, a Buddhist funeral in Singapore costs between $5,500 and $8,000.

How Much Is A Burial Plot In Singapore?

BurialAdults and children of and above 10 yearsChildren below 10 years
For Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs)$315$140
Choa Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery$315$140
Choa Chu Kang Ahmadiyya Jama'at Cemetery$315$140
Choa Chu Kang Jewish Cemetery$315$140
Choa Chu Kang Parsi Cemetery$315$140
Choa Chu Kang Bahai Cemetery$315$140
Other Government cemeteries than those mentioned above$940$420
For foreigners (only if their immediate family members are citizens or PRs)
Burial service$1,880$940

Can I Use CPF To Pay For Funeral?

The monies in a person’s CPF fund are distributed to the heirs they nominated. 

If there are no nominees, the Public Trustee’s Office (PTO) can disburse the funds following the intestacy laws.

Either way, you can use that money to pay for a loved one’s funeral, but:

  • You must send a specific application to the PTO.
  • The maximum covered sum for this funeral is $6,000 from your loved one’s CPF monies.

However, if your funeral is more expensive, consider a personal loan to eliminate the planning hassle.

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