How Much Does It Cost To Own A Cat in Singapore 2024 – Adopt vs Buy, Lifetime Cost, Misc. Fees

How Much Does A Cat Cost in Singapore 2024 – Adopt vs Buy, Lifetime Cost, Misc. Fees

Cats make wonderful companions and can be a great addition to any home, but it is important to understand the financial commitment required before bringing one into your life.

This article breaks down all the costs associated with owning a cat, from adoption fees to lifetime upkeep expenses. You will learn everything you need to know before making this important decision.

Even better:

You can avoid the problems that come up when you are unprepared, such as being duped by a fake breeder or an iffy pet shop.

So how much does a cat cost in Singapore?

Keep reading below to find out.

Where Can I Get A Cat In Singapore? 

“How much does a cat cost in Singapore?” is a worthwhile question, but the answer depends on where you get it. Let’s look at the following:

Animal Shelters

If you want to adopt a cat in Singapore instead of buying one, consider the animal shelters below:

  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) ($25-$350)
  • Animal Lovers League (No fee)
  • Cat Welfare Society ($40-$80)
  • Love Kuching Project ($65)
  • Kitten Sanctuary Singapore (KISS) ($80-$150)

There are two main advantages:

  • It’s cheaper: The adoption cost usually includes vet procedures and initial care.
  • It’s arguably more humane: You are offering a soul a second chance by adopting a stray cat instead of purchasing a pure breed.

The downside of adopting, however, is that the chances of getting a pure breed are slim to none.

Registered Specialty Breeders

These speciality breeders are registered with at least one of these clubs:

  • Singapore Cat Club
  • Feline Fanciers Society

Advantages include:

  • Ethical breeding practices
  • Top standards for breed conformity

Disadvantages include:

  • Extensive bureaucracy and interviews to ensure you can care for a pure-breed cat
  • Recommended visit with the cat’s parents before purchase
  • Post-purchase follow-up visits from the breeder
  • More expensive

Pro tip: To avoid being duped by a fake breeder, do not seek them in newspaper or online ads. Instead, find registered ones at championship cat shows, where you can ensure they are vetted.

Ads From Pet Owners

Some pet owners who can no longer care for their furballs will sell them. You can look up “Kittens for sale Singapore” ads:

  • Online
  • In cat forums
  • In classifieds
  • Street ads

Pro tip: Meet with the cat seller before transferring them the money to ensure the cat is well taken care of and has all the necessary vet procedures.

Pet Farms

Purchasing a cat from a pet farm is more expensive than pet adoption in Singapore. However, you have more chances of finding a higher breed quality than a local animal shelter.

Pet farms have some drawbacks, such as unethical breeding (in some cases).

To avoid this:

  • Ask to see the cat’s parents.
  • If the shelter claims your cat has been imported, ask to see the proper documentation.

Pet Shops

Not all pet shops are created equal; some have cleaner, more humane conditions but are more expensive. The very cheap ones probably have animals coming in illegally or from unethical pet farms.

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To avoid problems:

  • Examine your cat before buying, looking at its fur, paws, mouth, and demeanour.
  • Ensure the kennels are clean.
  • Take your kitten to the vet immediately.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Cat In Singapore?

The price of cat adoption Singapore is an average of $86.

However, the final cost depends on where you are adopting your pet. The five animal shelters we reviewed above have different costs to consider.

  • Your cheapest option is Animal Lovers. This animal shelter allows you to adopt a cat without paying any fee.
  • You can get a cat for as little as $25 at the SPCA or $40 at the Cat Welfare Society. However, if you want a kitten or a higher quality breed, these animal shelters may charge you up to $150.
  • Causes for Animals is the most expensive cat shelter, with adoption costs varying between $80 and $150.

Remember: Adopting a pre-loved kitten is also a worthwhile option. In this case, you may have to pay between $0 and $1,000 depending on the cat’s breed, age, and previous medical procedures.

What Is A Good Price To Pay For A Cat?

A good price for a cat in Singapore is $600 if you buy it from a pet store. That cost is the average for pedigree kittens that have been treated well and have all the right paperwork.

Warning: Rare pedigree kittens may cost more at cat shops in Singapore. For example, the starting price for a Bengal is $1,500.

You should also consider registered and non-registered breeders (aka pet farms).

These places retail cats between $1,000 and $5,000. The more expensive ones have higher pedigree, are younger, and have been imported. Also, import charges may apply.

Pro tip: Evaluate why you want to purchase your cat before deciding what a good price to pay for it is:

  • If you want a fur ball to cuddle and love, you can pay as little as $300 at a pet shop.
  • If you want a pure breed kitten to enrol in championships, $3,000 may be a fair amount.

How Much Is The Price Of A Cat In Singapore?

The purchase price is one thing, but the long-term cost is another. So how much does a cat cost in Singapore if you consider everything your cat needs?

We will break down these variables below:

Purchase/Adoption Price

As we explained above, a cat costs:

  • 0-$150: Adoption
  • $600-$5,000: Purchasing

Medical Costs

Medical costs you have to consider for your cat include:

  • General medical consult: $45
  • Dental consult and scaling: $200
  • Core vaccination: $40
  • Optional vaccination: $136 (anti-leukaemia, rabies, and the feline immunodeficiency virus)
  • Sterilisation: $210
  • Microchipping: $50-90

Annual healthcare is also important. You will have to repeat the core vaccination yearly and general medical consult yearly. Dental scaling should also be done regularly; if your cat’s teeth decay, they will have to be removed.

And tooth extraction is not cheap.

Remember: More complex healthcare check-ups and procedures can cost thousands of dollars.

Cat Proofing

Luckily, cat-proofing your home is a one-off cost. Even though it might cause a dent in your budget, cat-proofing is essential to keep your new pet safe.

Otherwise, they can always escape.

In the best-case scenario, they can return a bit dusty after having pooped in your neighbour’s roses. In the worst-case scenario, they can catch a bug or get lost.

That is why shelters review this factor before deciding whether you can adopt from them.

Pro tip: The cost varies depending on the size of your home. As a rule of thumb, put aside $20 for every 1.5 metres of plastic mesh plus cable ties.

Home Prep Costs

After securing your home, you must ensure the cat’s mental and physical hygiene. That means having a place to rest, poop, and play.

Remember: Preparing your home for your new cat’s arrival is not just about providing a safe place. Your cat needs to explore too.

Therefore, you will need the following:

  • Toys: $2-$90
  • Litter box: $8-$70


You can groom your cat at home by yourself or hire a professional service. Of course, the cost varies proportionally to your decision:

  • Home grooming: $15-$20
  • Professional grooming: $80

While home grooming is less expensive, professional grooming is more thorough and saves you a lot of hassle. Services typically include:

  • Bathing and drying
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Paw pad shaving


Although cat insurance is a good-to-have and not must-have, having insurance will go a long way in the event of illness, accidental death or if your feline goes missing.

Some reputable cat insurance plans are:

  • AIA Paw Safe
  • CIMB My Paw Pal
  • Happy Tails
  • PetCare

Premiums start as low as $74.90 or can go up to $750, depending on your plan and if your cat is microchipped.

Miscellaneous Costs 

Other costs include:

  • Wet food (85-100 grams/day): $2.50/day
  • Litter: $8-$15/10L bag
  • Scratching board: $12-$35

Adding Up The Costs

Based on the calculations above, the initial costs of owning a cat vary between $120 and $6,000, including:

  • The adoption/purchase price: $0-$5,000
  • The veterinary visits and vaccination: $90-$750
  • Home cat proofing, toys, and litter box: $30-$180

Recurring costs are approximately $2,000/year, including medical visits, grooming, litter, and food.

So the first year alone of owning a cat can cost $2,120-$8,000. Considering that a cat lives for up to 15 years, the total cost reaches $30,120-$36,000.

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