10 Stylish HDB Interior & Kitchen Designs & their Cost in 2021 (From High to Low)


After securing your own HDB flat, what comes next? Most of you will probably be envisioning its look. 

What will your HDB design look like? Is it going to be something that you saw off Pinterest or a mix of ideas from other homes that you have been to?

While having many ideas is great, it can also be quite a handful.

Renovating your HDB flat is challenging. Thus, you will need to have a clear perspective and understand your style to a T. That is how you can decorate your apartment in a cohesive-looking manner.

You may also feel constrained by your budget. That’s why we’ll discuss how basic design principles influence your HDB and kitchen design. We’ll also analyse some of the most popular HDB designs in Singapore to help you find the right style for your home.

1. Scandinavian HDB Design: $97,000

Scandinavian HDB Design1

Scandinavian HDB Design2

Scandinavian HDB Design3

(Source: Home Reno Guru)

A lot of Singaporeans appreciate Scandinavian design because it’s sleek and functional. The characteristics that define this style are:

  • Light-toned colours, including white walls
  • Coloured carpets, curtains, and pillows that attract attention
  • Natural materials and light
  • Minimalist approach
  • Flexibility

All these features inspire tranquillity and cleanliness. Your home will feel cosy and practical at the same time. You can combine various elements such as throw pillows, paintings, and carpets, to add your personal touch.

For example, Starry Homestead designed this 5-room HDB on 423 Tampines Street. The starting concept is a combination of chic intimacy and modern functionality. Although neutral, pale colours dominate the scene, you can see warm touches of light. The mirrors open up space even more, and the owners add personalised touches, such as pictures, toys, plants. Notice how the wide dressers and shelves declutter all the rooms, including the kitchen and bathrooms.

2. Industrial HDB Design: $60,000

Industrial HDB Design2

Industrial HDB Design3

(Source: Home Reno Guru)

More Singaporeans opt for an industrial style kind of look, which combines warehouse-like design elements. Simultaneously, this style looks vintage and functional, thanks to textured details. Usually, these elements include plush couches and green plants. These features create a stark contrast with raw materials and exposed pipes.

The following features define an industrial design:

  • Heavy-duty materials, such as wood, brick, cement, and metal
  • Visible piping
  • A grey-brown-black colour palette 
  • Vintage elements

However, your decorator should know how to combine a poignant sense of gloom and ennui with that cosy feeling people crave from their homes.

Swiss Interior Design decorated this three-room HDB. According to industrial design’s principles, you can see apparently unfinished brick walls and plenty of metal shelves. Also, contrasting to the Scandinavian design, you notice the absence of natural light. Artificial lighting is created with lots of convoluted-looking lamps that attract attention. Besides, the brown colour base contributes to creating a confining feel.

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3. Nautical HDB Design: $40,000

(Source: Home Reno Guru)

If your heart longs for the ocean’s contrasting calmness and wrath, pick a maritime style for your home. This design makes your HDB flat feel like an oasis of safety where you can recenter yourself after fighting with the waves. 

Some elements that define this style are:

  • White and blue colours
  • Natural materials, like wood
  • Striped patterns
  • Curved shapes
  • Maritime decorative elements, such as anchors, fish, or even wall consoles
  • Artificial light

Renozone Interior Design styled this 4-room HDB flat with an “under the sea” theme. They created a genuine feeling of being submerged with the combination of deep blue and black elements. However, artificial lighting and open spaces somewhat mitigate the claustrophobic feel.

You can notice plenty of curves, drawers, and stripes that remind you of a ship’s hull. The child’s bedroom is the only place with a touch of colour. The black curtains and wall decorations, such as the hammer, bring the nautical theme back in focus.

4. Country Farmhouse HDB Design: $30,000

(Source: Home Reno Guru)

The country home décor reminds you of simpler times, as it contours your home, sweet home. Your HDB flat will look functional and warm, just like an authentic home in the country. This feeling stems from the combination of rustic elements, wood and other natural materials, pale colour theme, and vintage decorations.

The features that define this style are:

  • Practical use of space
  • Open, airy spaces
  • Natural light
  • Rustic and vintage elements
  • Wood materials
  • White-beige colour scheme
  • Accent decorations to attract attention
  • Greenery

Absolook used these design principles to decorate a homey five-room HDB flat for an affordable price. You can notice the barn-looking cabinet doors, broad windows, and wooden furniture. The tiny plants scattered all over the place bring nature’s touch indoors. The bright yellow, plush couch contrasts with an otherwise pale colour palette and functional environment.

5. Eclectic HDB Design: $25,000


(Source: Home Reno Guru)

Your eclectic HDB flat will blend various styles without turning into kitsch. Instead, your apartment will be a harmonious melting pot of elements that celebrate multiple cultures. 

If you choose the wrong designer, though, your flat will look random and unfinished. This style is one of the hardest to achieve because every piece of this design must complement the whole. Below are the usual features to consider:

  • Clashing elements, including furniture and colours
  • Unrelated styles and decorations, such as modern vs vintage or contemporary vs farmhouse
  • Neutral colours for the background so that the accent decorations can pop

For example, Design 4 Space created a fun 5-room HDB flat. The combination of clean white walls and wooden elements remind you of a rustic home with a Scandinavian vibe. However, the company added blue and red seats, plus lots of colourful ceiling-hanging lamps. You’ll also notice a massive, yellow wardrobe and green carpet. 

As a rule of thumb, design agencies use just one or two accent colours to widen the space or attract attention. However, Design 4 Space managed to contour a fun, vibrant environment.

6. HDB Scandinavian Kitchen Design

If you’re opting for a Scandinavian HDB design, think about building your kitchen in the same style. Your driving force has to be minimalism, so you need concealed drawers and cabinets for your kitchen utensils. Surfaces like tables and countertops have to be clean and uncluttered.

You can build your kitchen as an open space, galley, or single-wall. However, avoid open shelves because you want to avoid clutter.

Kitchen islands are among Scandinavian designs’ favourites because they’re functional. You can use yours for storage, but also for preparing and serving dishes. If you have limited space, a multifunctional island looks neat and opens up your room.

Pro tip: Are you craving a sleeker design? Consider no-handles kitchen cabinets that convert your kitchen into an even more minimalist space.

7. Galley Kitchen Design

Most HDBs have galley kitchens. You can easily remodel yours to fall within the principles of any design style you’re doing for the entire apartment.

However, the narrow hallway-like footprint and parallel kitchen tops contour a space-saving, functional design. You might want to tweak this design slightly to function with your desired style.

For example, you can ditch the upper cabinets and build in some open shelves if you want a Farmhouse design. You can also add some tiny plant pots and a mix of dark/ light colours to open up the atmosphere.

If you opt for an industrial design, accentuate your galley kitchen’s claustrophobic feel. Add some exposed brick or metal pipes, and furnish your cabinetry in dark grey or brown.

If you want to open up your kitchen a little, store your things only on one side of it. If you have a larger budget, consider adding an LCD of some tranquil sea waves on the other wall. Otherwise, add some maritime décor elements to contour a nautical theme.

8. Industrial Kitchen Design

Your industrial kitchen should follow the same principles as your industrial-looking flat. So, you should use rugged materials, artificial light to build a raw and tense space.

But here are other ideas to try:

Use smart appliances, such as app-based ovens and plates for cooking delicious meals. You can also try an intelligent refrigerator that can open by itself. This high-tech design is perfect for a Gen-Z-er or Millennial.

Organise your space to a T. Use cabinets and corner storage to find everything you need quickly.

Paint your kitchen in dark colours. Even if your home doesn’t have an industrial design, dark-coloured kitchens are gaining more popularity in Singapore. Don’t forget to use open pipes and metallic colours and textures.

Make your kitchen as unwelcoming as possible. You don’t want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside crunching away on your morning cereals if you’ve built an industrial décor. So, say goodbye to the family table. Install a kitchen island or, even better, a breakfast counter where you can savour your ennui alone.

9. Open Concept Kitchen Design 

Open-concept kitchens fit a variety of styles and make your apartment feel bigger. That’s why so many Singaporeans prefer this style. Although most HDB flats have galley kitchens, you can find some with open-concept designs. 

This style’s advantages are letting in more natural light and spending more time with your family, even when you’re cooking. Therefore, this design works well for farmhouse and eclectic HDB designs. 

Open kitchens entail several disadvantages, though. The most considerable problems are cooking odours and kitchen backsplash. To solve these issues, install a kitchen hood and place your oven near a wall.

10. Rustic Kitchen Design

Your rustic kitchen has to look homey and welcoming but also practical. So, consider lots of easy-to-reach storage places, tiny plants, and rustic details.

For example, you can ask your designer about the European Country Style. This type of décor uses pale colours and natural materials like wood. Your kitchen will be built around the centre island, where you’ll cook and eat your meals. This décor is completed with rustic cabinets that add functionality and create a cottage feel.

Besides, you can try various patterns for your backsplash tiles and floors. Peranakan tiles are popular in Singapore because they look fun and homey. However, they add to your kitchen’s clutter, so don’t add other patterns in your kitchen. Instead, consider wooden tops and shelves, plus expansive windows for natural light.