The Most Expensive (And Affordable) Schools In Singapore

Cost of Schools in Singapore (Most Expensive To Affordable Schools)

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You’d be surprised at how much school fees in Singapore vary!

Can you afford to send your child to the cheapest private school in Singapore?

Singapore has some of the best schools in the world. The country has a 97% literacy rate, and its primary and secondary students get the highest scores in international education tests in maths and science.

Why Do Singaporean Students Perform So Well?

This tiny city-state may be one of the smallest countries in terms of area and population, but Singaporean students consistently top global rankings in reading, maths, and sciences.

How does Singapore do it?

For one thing, Singapore’s teacher-student ratio is 1 to every 13. There are around 450,000 students in Singapore, and around 33,000 teachers.

And Singaporean parents are willing to shell out the big bucks for their children’s education. More often than not, the type of secondary school a child attends will determine their career path, and parents who can afford it can spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure a good future for their children.

But How Much Are School Fees In Singapore?


Though government and government-aided schools are relatively affordable (S$155-260 for permanent residents, S$415-660 for international ASEAN students, and S$650-1,100 for international students), private school is pretty pricey.

Private school fees in Singapore range from S$730 to S$100,250. But which is the most expensive private school and the cheapest private school in Singapore?

Which Is The Most Expensive School In Singapore?

That distinction belongs to Dulwich College, Singapore. Dulwich’s first campus was founded 400 years ago in London, and the Singapore campus is recognised as one of the country’s top schools.

The Most Expensive Schools In Singapore:

1. Dulwich College, Singapore — S$46,840

2. UWC South East Asia – Dover Campus — S$41,032

3.UWC South East Asia – East Campus — S$41,032

4. EtonHouse Pre-School (Sentosa) — S$30,495

5. ISS International School Singapore — S$30,281

6. SJI International Elementary School — S$29,990

7. ACS (International) Singapore — S$29,700

8. Nexus International School, Singapore — S$29,245

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9. SJI International High School — S$28,180

10. Australian International School — S$28,071

11. Tanglin Trust School  — S$27,714 (Nursery) to S$45,828 (Sixth Form)


Which Is The Cheapest Private School In Singapore?

That distinction belongs to Hampton Pre-School, Tanjong Pagar. Founded in 2014, this school caters to kids aged 2 months to 6 years old.

Here’s the complete ranked list:

The Most Affordable Schools In Singapore:

1. Hampton Pre-School, Tanjong Pagar — S$730

2. Hampton Pre-School, Bishan — S$775

3. St Joseph’s Institution — S$1,220

4. Odyssey, The Global Preschool — S$1,900

5. Singapore Sports School — S$4,600

6. Acacia Rise — S$7,200

8. EtonHouse Pre-school (Newton Campus) — S$12,359

9. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) — S$12,525

10. Rosemount International School — S$12,901

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