9 Best Maternity Wear That Is Comfortable Yet Affordable


Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can have. But let’s be honest – it’s also one of the most expensive. From the nursery to the never-ending stream of diapers, there’s no shortage of things you need to buy.

You’ll also need a whole new wardrobe to accommodate your changing body.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up nine of the best maternity wear brands that are both comfortable and affordable. So whether you’re looking for a new pair of leggings or a dress for your baby shower, you can find it with them.

Happy shopping!

1. ASOS Maternity Wear

ASOS is one of Singapore’s most beloved maternity wear shops because it’s fast fashion and inexpensive. As such, you will look good without the effort and also feel comfortable in your outfits.

ASOS is also popular for its wide array of choices.

You can find elegant dresses, sporty pants and casual wear – everything you need to express your style. ASOS understands that pregnant and postpartum women don’t lose their need for comfort, style, and functionality.

Their maternity wear is beautiful and soft, but also scalable. That means you can use their clothes for months – and even years – to come.

2. Bove

Bove is a versatile store with more than maternity wear; this is where you can get everything you need, including several helpful baby products.

Now back to maternity wear.

Bove is a popular choice, thanks to its feminine maternity clothes. You can find a lot of beautiful dresses and outfits here for formal and informal occasions.

You can even find sportswear for pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Their clothes are manufactured with the pregnant body in mind.

That means Bove has very soft, flexible maternity wear that allows you to move freely. Their clothes have apparently simplistic designs, but they’re very practical. For example, their shirts and dresses have conveniently hidden slits for nursing/pumping.

You’ll also appreciate how their array of maternity wear slims down your body with the right mix of colours, lines, and hidden pockets.

3. Mothers en Vogue

Mothers en Vogue comes with a unique selling proposition: using all-natural materials for their maternity wear.

Many women experience sensitive skin during pregnancy and after childbirth. You’re more prone to rashes, and you may dislike certain smells during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Mothers en Vogue solves those problems.

Their maternity wear is manufactured with soft, moisture-wicking materials like bamboo, cotton, linen, and yarn. Therefore, these clothes won’t scrape your skin, and they won’t absorb odours.

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Your baby will thank you too.

Newborns have very sensitive skins and fragile respiratory systems. Considering that you’ll be cradling yours almost 24/7 for the first few months, you’ll need the right clothes for that job.

Don’t fret; Mothers en Vogue helps you look stylish while doing that.

You can choose from a slew of colours, styles, and prints so you’ll look like a beautiful woman – not just another mom. Besides, this shop boasts plenty of useful accessories for your pregnancy and the postpartum period.

4. 9months Maternity

9Month Maternity is another option for chic, comfortable maternity wear.

Their clothes are elegant, comfortable and very scalable. Besides, you can find plenty of stylish wear in different patterns and for different occasions.

From maxi wedding dresses to leggings, bras, tops, and shirts – 9Month Maternity has everything you need. This maternity wear is functional and beautiful, with a relaxed fit so you can move around comfortably.

The materials come in different styles and prints, but they have one thing in common:

They’re breathable, soft, and don’t wrinkle. That means you can stay comfortable for hours, socialising your pregnancy away, instead of literally itching to get home.

5. Jump Eat Cry

Many women fear that pregnancy and motherhood may blur out their feminine sides. Jump Eat Cry helps you avoid that.

The brand understands that every woman wants to feel beautiful and strong.

Your body is growing another human being, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look as sexy and beautiful as ever. Jump Eat Cry has beautifully tailored dresses and tops emphasising your best features – not just hiding your belly.

Besides, their pants showcase your true personality.

Whether you want something daring, hip, or formal, Jump Eat Cry will help you out. You can even find short denim pants with frayed edges here.

Who said you’re limited to maternity leggings for nine months? Jump Eat Cry’s maternity wear proves that you don’t have to hide your body during this significant stage in your life. Show it off; it deserves all of your love!

6. Mama.licious

Mama.licious has fashionable maternity wear that you can rock throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. The brand has been around since 2005, and it’s gained a lot of popularity since then because its maternity wear focuses on mothers’ needs.

Firstly, that means offering a vast collection to browse.

You can find elegant, non-formal, classy, and sports clothes. Mama.licious has dresses, coats, tops, activewear, jeans, swimsuits, etc.

Secondly, all of these clothes are supportive, breathable, and adaptable.

You’ll love their soft, flexible materials and airy textures. This maternity wear will envelop your changing body, giving it support in all the right places and bringing out its best features.

Even better, these fashionable garments use organic, recycled materials that help protect the planet.

7. Dear Collective

Dear Collective has 335 maternity wear products that you can choose from. Their website is very intuitive, with practical filters that allow you to find the right garments with just a few clicks.

For example, the sleeves’ length filter is a very insightful one.

Many pregnant and breastfeeding women hate sleeves, and not just because these make them hot. However, your skin becomes more sensitive in this area, so that you may feel more comfortable with bare arms.

The stretchy/non-stretchy option is insightful too.

Many pregnant women crave increased support during their pregnancy, while others prefer scalable maternity wear.

That said, all these clothes are affordable, comfortable, and stylish – regardless of your style. You can also find other useful products here, like toys, gift cards, and matching baby clothes, in the “Mini-me” section.

8. Mama Muse

Mama Muse maternity wear is slightly more expensive than other products in this review, but they’re a wise investment. These pieces are scalable because the brand wants to bring longevity to maternity and nursing wear.

Thus, their collection uses high-quality, durable materials that are ethically produced.

These long-lasting garments are manufactured for long-term use, even beyond the bump. Besides, these pieces have timeless designs that bring out your feminine side regardless of the occasion.

Even their nightwear is sexy!


UNIQLO caters to sporty mums who value functionality and style above anything else. Their stretchy, comfortable clothes mould to your body and help you stay active throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

UNIQLO maternity wear boasts leggings, stretchy tops, and some of the most supportive underwear for your pregnancy/postpartum period.

Besides, their clothes are made with sustainable, soft materials that protect your changing body.

Wrap Up

These nine maternity wear stores offer amazing – and amazingly diverse – options. They all boast beautiful, comfortable, and functional clothes that you can wear during your pregnancy and beyond.

You just have to choose the right style.

Also, don’t compromise on quality. You need the right garments and accessories to keep you comfortable and safe during this period.