16 Beautiful Birthday Cakes For Anyone’s Birthday Party


Birthday parties are always a special time, and there is no better way to celebrate than with a beautiful cake. Whether you’re planning a small gathering with close friends or a big blowout for family and loved ones, there’s sure to be a perfect birthday cake that will delight your guests.

So if you’re looking for inspiration for your upcoming celebration, look no further than this list of 16 beautiful birthday cakes that are guaranteed to make your birthday party one to remember!

From the classic checkerboard pattern and the simple elegance of buttercream frosting to creative designs featuring intricate details and vibrant colours, these cakes will please even the most discerning taste buds.

So why wait? Keep reading and get ready for a birthday celebration that’s both delicious and unforgettable!

1. Whyzee: Fastest Birthday Cake

When you need a cake fast, you can count on Whyzee. This homegrown online bakery offers same-day cake delivery to get your sweet treat in under four hours.

And with options like unicorn cake, ombre cake and bunny cake, you’re sure to find something to fit the occasion.

If you’re really in a pinch, they’ve got you covered – choose from classics like New York cheesecake, lavender earl grey cake and ondeh ondeh cake, which can be delivered within the hour.

2. Rainbowly: Fruity Birthday Cake

Looking for a unique and eye-catching way to impress your guests at your next special event?

Look no further than Rainbowly, one of the top fruit arrangement specialists in Singapore. Their expert cake designers have created an incredible array of cutting-edge cake alternatives guaranteed to wow your guests and make your event truly memorable.

Whether you’re looking for an edible gift box or a fresh fruit tower decked out in adorable designs, they’ve got something that is perfect for any occasion. And for a truly unique twist, check out their chocolate piñata heart cakes with smashable cake centres – it’s sure to be a hit with your guests!

3. Dig In Cakes: Best Midnight Birthday Cake

Dig In Cakes is always looking for reasons to indulge in a sweet treat. Featuring unique flavours like blueberry elderflower, dark chocolate banana mousse, and green tea chestnut mousse, the selection at Dig In Cakes is truly impressive.

Want something a little more local?

They also offer delicious flavours inspired by Singapore’s diverse food culture, such as Okinawa milk tea with brown sugar jelly and Mao Shan Wang durian cake.

The same-day delivery options and convenient midnight delivery service allow you to enjoy their delectable treats whenever you want.

4. Honeypeachsg Bakery: Best Customisable Designs

You can always count on Honeypeachsg Bakery for a show-stopping cake.

Specialising in OTT personalised designs, they have everything from white swans and misty butterflies to fairies. Their cakes are made with high-quality ingredients and are guaranteed to be soft, moist and just the right amount of sweet.

They have all of the classic flavours like double chocolate and chocolate salted caramel, as well as more unique flavours like matcha white chocolate, vanilla raspberry and earl grey lavender.

Plus, they offer free delivery!

5. Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes: Best Gluten-Free Birthday Cake

Delcie’s is the perfect place to turn when it comes to dietary restrictions or preferences.

With an extensive selection of gluten-free cakes and bakes, there’s something for everyone here, regardless of your health needs.

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And the best part? Their cakes are truly delicious and will satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising flavour. From fudge brownies to strawberry cheesecake, Delcie’s knows that you’ll be delighted with your birthday cake.

6. Nesuto: Best Birthday Cake for Advanced Planning

We are thrilled to discover the exquisite cakes at Nesuto. These artisanal bakes are crafted with only the most refined French butter and cream, resulting in decadent creations like our favourite dark chocolate and chestnut-vanilla brandy gateau.

There’s more:

Not only is each cake meticulously crafted and beautifully presented, but it also features a delightful blast-frozen component that ensures optimal freshness and quality, even when ordered in advance. In addition, these cakes can be refrigerated for up to three days, making them an ideal option for those who enjoy advance planning.

7. Baker’s Brew: Best Six-in-one Birthday Cake

Baker’s Brew boasts classic flavours like strawberry and chocolate to more trendy options like watermelon and tiramisu. The bakery considers various trends, offering delicious cakes sure to delight any discerning eater.

Here’s their unique selling point, though:

They offer a six-in-one cake bundle made from their most loved cakes. That way, you can get your sugar fix without picking just one aroma.

8. Lisse Cakes: Best Versatile Birthday Cake

Lisse Cakes believes that cake should be both a work of art and a delicious treat.

That’s why they only use the finest ingredients and take the time to bake each cake to perfection. Their gourmet flavours include coconut raspberry, earl grey lavender, and red velvet Nutella. And for those who prefer something more straightforward, they also offer classic sponge and chocolate cake.

Best of all?

You get free delivery throughout Singapore, regardless of what you order!

9. Fluff Bakery: Best Halal Birthday Cake

Fluff Bakery offers a tantalising array of halal-certified local delights and western favourites. Be sure to try the ondeh ondeh cupcakes or the durian chendol cake – you won’t be disappointed!

You can offer your guests many other sweet treats before the cake:

The red velvet and salted caramel cupcakes are Fluff Bakery’s bestsellers.

10. Cupplets: Best Artsy Birthday Cake

If you want an artsy birthday cake that looks like an abstract painting, visit Cupplets. You’ll be impressed by the cakes’ designs, with floral patterns and Peranakan inspiration.

You can find anything you want, from buttery masterpieces to unique flavours like yuzu passion fruit, honey pistachio and even black Earl Grey cake. Cupplets allows you to customise your cakes, regardless of aroma and number of tiers.

Things get even better:

The bakery offers frequent workshops that teach you to create your own delicious masterpieces.

11. Lady M: Best Creppy Birthday Cake

Lady M has a unique selling point: crepes. These signature cakes boast twenty paper-thin crepes, covered in pastry cream and caramelised.

But that’s not all:

You can try innovative creations with popcorn topping, the “Slice of the Best” cake, or the fruity Tarte à la Mangue.

12. The Ugly Cake Shop: Best Affordable Birthday Cake

The Ugly Cake Shop is nothing like its name suggests. This bakery retails beautifully ornate cakes covered in generous layers of cream.

Besides, it offers unique flavours and designs for all occasions.

The Loaf Cake Trio is great if you can’t settle on one cake, and their Mellisa cake is perfect for kids. You can also try a mini-cake for Valentine’s day, the Ramadan Gift Box, plus many cupcakes, cookies and brownies.

13. Cat and The Fiddle: Best Cheesecake Birthday Cake

Cat and The Fiddle wants to recreate your childhood memories, turning the most delicious cheesecakes into savoury birthday cakes. You have a wide range of choices, from the Classic New York to Salted Caramel and Oreo Cookies and Cream Cheesecake.

Cat and The Fiddle offers local delights you’ll recognise from your childhood.

Even better, all their creations are 100% muis halal certified. You can also enjoy their generous rebates and discounts, especially once you become a member. On the downside, this bakery only offers free delivery for orders over $90.

14. All Things Delicious: Best Organic Birthday Cake (Plus Catering)

All Things Delicious has a slew of impossible-to-refuse offers. Firstly, this bakery boasts complete catering services for your birthday so that you can plan your entire party with them.

Secondly, the birthday cakes are 100% organic, with no unrefined sugars, artificial flavours, or trans fats. As a result, their cakes are mouthwatering and healthy.

And you have a massive range of offers to choose from.

From classic strawberry and chocolate creations to the most spectacular olive oil birthday cakes, All Things Delicious doesn’t let you complain about the lack of assortments.

15. Roa: Best Chocolate Birthday Cake

Roa cake shop took the classic chocolate cake and made it even more delicious with rich dark chocolate ganache and moist chocolate sponge. You can also get the Midnight chocolate cake in the cupcake or petite size.

The best part?

These eggless cakes are also vegan and gluten-free.

We can’t get enough of these heavenly desserts, and apparently, neither can Hollywood celebrities David Foster and Pia Toscano, Roa’s most famous customers.

16. Gaily Bakes: Best Mochi-Based Birthday Cake

Gaily Bakes’ owner Michelle discovered her passion for Hawaii Butter Mochi by chance but fell in love with it. That’s when she decided to incorporate this delicious ingredient into her sweet treats at Gaily Bakes.

And you’ll have plenty of those treats to try.

From strawberries to cream, peanut butter, matcha espresso, and smoked butterscotch – Gaily Bakes offers savoury brownies and cakes for all tastes. You can even hit them up with inquiries for wedding favours!

Wrap Up

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